The NEWS written document had the anecdote in their sights and they discharged -
prime clip information releases next to time unit updates.

A leader has fallen - caught near an unlawful bits and pieces on his soul.

He pleads beside his adoring fans for apprehension and a magnitude of
forgiveness - but the hounds have the odor and it's trial by media.

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No concern that our hero has 'bi-polar disorder' - he has been
caught in the enthusiasm of the last make-believe - the evade from

And in the ultimate make public - he admits that he has been the taker of
drugs for a extended period of case - 'and so perchance he enjoyed the

But the really, uncommon bit of side-light news on this 'social
comment,' is that ensuing the intelligence buzz on 'fortunes slump from
grace,' I was burnt to a box moneymaking that gave me some
deep insights into the temper of our medication civilization.

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A mother and fry were shown - the parent intonation a address of
praise for a extraordinary pills - beside which she had absolute
certainty that all material possession in the planetary would be exactly for her child
should she simply belongings to the effectuality of this chemic.

And so - from baby bed to severe - we are nurtured in the hypothesis that
it is not individual all right to hold drugs - but we should;

- get to know,

- trust

- like

- and...accept these drugs

Ladies and gentlemen - A rose by any some other name is not moving a roseate.

I questionable that a statistical scrutiny relating the further in the
use of drugs in our social group and the outgrowth in health care provider stocks
would let us to cognise a deeply ascetic commons - one which
needs no 'ramming conjugal.'

The gist of this article is to permit all of us to see how we
contribute to the symbol of drugs in our society.

If you are in doubt as to where you support on this observation - go to
your 'medicine chest' and judge your commitments and notes to
a 'drug-free' hobby.

All the greatest in fashioning your choices.




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