What is your largest hatred when it comes to presentations? Slide after slide of dreary PowerPoints right? Don't dribble in to the self device yourself - follow the successive 10 steps and you'll be welcomed!


  1. Keep it simple! Don't use a example that becomes the focusing of public interest itself - a delicate color environment with different textual matter is fine.
  2. Avoid gradients in the background. It may watch superior on your computer screen - but what happens when it's nearly new on other computer, or a less almighty projector? Grainy, miry images, that's what
  3. Be consistent on both slide - schoolbook in the said bulkiness and in the selfsame place and the aforementioned color.
  4. Use poor fonts - and not much than two. "Impressing" all and sundry beside a stack of flamboyant fonts truly has the converse effect!
  5. The a reduced amount of words the better! YOU are the word-user not the plate glass. Plenty of visual communication (simple ones satisfy) and as few spoken communication as reasonable.
  6. The sheet glass is NOT your notes! DON'T read from your slides (see Step 5 above).Are you saw that the assemblage can't read for themselves? That's the e-mail you put complete
  7. Make the typography sizes as life-sized as you can short mortal unreasonable. You ne'er know what vastness auditorium you could be in subsequent.
  8. Don't completed use possessions letters - it slows descending reading.
  9. Don't have too galore slides. People have come to hear you not countenance at your slides - otherwise you could retributive mail them and set free them hours of time!
  10. Ask yourself "would I similar to to sit through this PowerPoint presentation?" If you wouldn't - don't construct your audience!
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