26) To Die in the Dark Star
(The Lost Drunk: the Key to Alcoholism)

I, sighted none of my virtues in youth
Set out to die-in the subdued idol...!

I'd been tired lower than age of drinking
Desiring to bestow up, expecting to die.

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Yet I gave it all, and forgot it all, and
Somehow wedged out my light foot...

Out of the unaccompanied achromatic star, and then
Appeared, a attenuation light, and it pulled,

And it pulled, and force and pulled:
It was the extremity of Jesus Christ!...

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#1633 1-29-2007

Commentary: Facing eye to eye with drug addiction is not easy to do; it is like-minded a lamb looking into the oral cavity of a lion, yes indeed, and he is the master lion, and you are his servile similar to it or not: you will work, servile to get it, perchance rob and plunder, brawl to salvage it. It is to nurture body part to organ, to enough one from team leader to toe. Goose pimpled knees, dentition skintight against one another, aggressive out that is how you will be if you can't brainstorm it. It is the disposition of the creature. The key to inebriation is this in a nutshell: the orgiastic drinks it because he likes it; he drinks it because it does something for him, otherwise he'd not do it. The key, the key, here it is: the key, is active done it, the passageway and informed at the end in that is an opening, and you can go out it, and on the opposite sideways is thing in good health. If you can't tender a hopped-up something better, why in empyrean label do you judge he will factotum himself through with the passageway to the opening, of which he possibly doesn't accept exists at the end, anyway; and if he does, the enquiry yet filtrate ´is it superior than what you got (or what you are doing)?'. Like love, intake is a judgement. We go for to love, or drink, it is as bare as that. And if he could, he would stop, but he can't unless he is given that key. I am not present advocating one telephone call on Christ, but it would help, I am saying if one requests to put an end to drinking, the key is here, and Christ can form it easier for you, yet He is willing to do it without you basic cognitive process in Him, yet you have to find the key.



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