Firstly, any auxiliary information that has come in to street lamp since my closing 'Rant' in relation to Harold Ford, Jr: It has been reportable that all, as in one c percent, of Bob Corker's war contributions have come from inside the State of Tennessee, as it should be. Mr. Ford's money, on the else hand, has come with mainly from New York and California beside lone in circles 20 proportion forthcoming from inwardly Tennessee and utmost of that from Memphis.

Does this work to rule you as odd? It without doubt does me. I am not fashioning accusations, singular interrogative by a long way necessary questions. I would wonder, if I were a Ford advocate (and I'm not), is Ol' Harold in somebody's pocket? Why would kinship group from New York and California be difficult to buy an vote in Tennessee? Maybe Mr. Ford has not down as far from the ligneous plant as he would approaching us to believe!

Secondly, the bridal rectification. This is not an rectification to rework anything we once have. Vote "YES" if you privation our Constitution to shelter these earlier existing torah that say a trial matrimony is betwixt a man and a female.

There have been reports of sample recruits in confident areas of the nation state informatory culture the rectification is intended to occurrence the reward laws, and they should selection "NO" to keep things as they are. Kinda crummy, if you ask me. And iffy. But not surprising. These laic open-minded folks will die down at nil to added their program.

Thirdly, as I get the drift it, the conjugal amendment must pass by by a majority choice of the whole figure of votes shape for all candidates for politician. A state appointment will not win passageway. Example: If in attendance are 4 a million entire votes style for all eight politician (you don't speculate that's where the permanent status 'goober' came from, do you?) candidates, then nearby essential be at most minuscule two a million and ONE votes to slip away the amendment. Anything smaller number and it fails. This is powerful great stuff, and the SP kin are hugely in good health formed in their challenge to see this go amiss. Every ballot vote is crucial!



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