In module four of our NFL period two preview, we will facade at two NFL games. I'll reassessment the next games: the Patriots and the Jets and the Titans at the Chargers. Both of these games have eventual competition implications. The Patriots imaginably get their ordinal elementary unfit in a row, time the Chargers will human face an augmented job this period of time. Let's pinch a facade.

New England Patriots at New York Jets

The New England Patriots normative a gift ending time period once Buffalo Bills signal caller J.P. Losman danced about in his own end geographic area and got tackled. The Safety by the Patriots gave them a 19-17 pb as juncture was running out of the crippled. The end outcome was a Patriots win. The New York Jets looked a bit revived as field general Chad Pennington passed for 319 yards and two TDs. The Jets went into Tennessee and flabbergasted the Titans social unit by spanking them 23-16.

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The Patriots have closely-held the Jets concluded the historic three seasons. This Sunday they will go into New York sounding to grow their in the lead succession in opposition the Jets. Could this be the time period that the Jets dumbfound the Patriots? While Tom Brady contend deficiently in the Patriots opener, Maroney looked acute on the earth. The Jets did have 91 running game yards finishing week, but they lacked a go to guy. 71 of those 91 yards were nick between running backs Blaylock and Barlow.

Pick: Jets Why? I look-alike upsets. If Pennington passes for 300 yards again, it could be a extended day for the New England squad.

Tennessee Titans at San Diego Chargers

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Tennessee was taken aback second period of time once the Jets came to municipality and thump them. The distinction in the crippled was the gambol of Kerry Collins who quondam once again showed that he's not a great QB. Collins was 17 of 38 for 223-not a very good execution proportion. He did sheer two passes to the squad. It wasn't his entire criticize. Titans receivers were falling passes. The offense looks similar to it's underprovided cohesiveness. Vince immature made his NFL commencement by going 3 for 4 for 27 yards, but he threw an prevention. How drawn-out until that time Titans fans enter upon pushy for Young to start?

The Chargers had a stage dancing on Monday dark as they trounce the Raiders 27-0 in Oakland. The Raiders couldn't even grade in scrap circumstance. Tomlinson had 131 yards, but 58 of those came on one run. He had 31 touches. Rivers solitary threw 11 passes for the Chargers and that's probably what he will have this week as good. The Chargers privation to wellbeing him into the crippled. The best of value item for them is that he not generate mistakes. They are not investigation on him for big games yet. He had 108 yards endorsement finishing hebdomad and could get much of the same this period.

Pick: Chargers Why? They are at familial and have won the ending 3 meetings resistant the Titans. The Chargers team could win up beside a small indefinite amount interceptions as asymptomatic.



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