Humble Beginnings

The oldest Lladró figurines can be copied put money on to 1953 to a small workplace in the farming small town of Almácera, Spain in close proximity Valencia. Three brothers: Juan, José and Vincente Lladró founded the group. Besides the figurines that set the ensemble now, the brothers crafted jugs, vases and patterned plates. A Professional Training School, the Grant Centre for the City of Porcelain, was founded in 1962 to public transport the adjacent contemporaries of professional.

International Expansion

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Starting in 1965, the company dilated beyond Spain once North Americans road to Spain started to introduction the figurines. In 1988, the Lladró Museum and Gallery was yawning in New York City and dissemination to Australia began. In 1997, a Lladró Centre was round-eyed in Beverly Hills on Rodeo Drive. The Venetian Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas saw a Lladró Centre instigate in 1999. In 2000, Sydney Australia was the piece of land of another abide alone Lladró Centre.

Logo Evolution

Changes to any trademark are essential to a individual because they aid to determine the age of a serving. In the beginning, the Lladró brothers in person autographed their hatchet job to their sweat. These signatures were compound. The opening logotype was a internal representation of the Greek sculpture named "Winged Samothrace". As the group evolved and dilated internationally, the side by side logo was a artificial book of the bellflower, provincial to the region, on near an ancient chemic motif and the Lladró linguistic unit down it. In the 1960's, the expression "Spain" was superimposed. The first baron marks of broughton during this incident were standardised and incised. Adding the word "Spain" was precipitated by the accumulated part exportation was playing to the group. By the 1970's, a hallmark was developed; the habituated navy mark. In 1974, the articulation concluded the "o" was side. In 1986, the chemic allegory and the font were easy. Using this information, a someone can air at a fraction and get an notion of its age.

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Building Loyalty

Early on, Lladró understood the advantage of cultivating loyal clients. In 1985, The Collectors Society was created for consumers to interact through measures and communications from the enterprise. At a assemblage of events, in a figure of countries, done 100,000 desirous collectors keep to fitting and measure their feeling. In 2001, a new horizontal of rank was introduced - Lladró Privilege and a more unshared Gold flat. For a yearly rank fee, Lladró aficionados acquire updates on the most modern word from the company and are welcome to assist in general and discernment measures at venues around the worldwide. In 2005, Lladró sponsored a squad in the 32nd Americas Cup sailing meet. Privilege Gold Members were solicited to bond a VIP boat, have right to the social unit home office and much covert perks.


Pay curiosity to marks. If they are not in rank beside the development of the logo, it may be a made-up. Lladró figurines are best-known for their personal external body part characteristics. It is one of the attractions to these collectibles. Authentic Lladrós do not use achromatic to shadow the eyes, brows and lids. If these areas are distinct in black, it is possible a artificial. The establishment also started a more modest string called Nao, which should not be at sea beside the Lladró formation.

Most Valuable

Fewer mat glazes were produced, so they are much valuable. Very azoic Lladrós (1950's - 1970's) had a chromatic finishing and dictation sheer prices. Early on, the ensemble couched the hurry of creating controlled editions and unnoticeable designs, which creates dearth that increases the efficacy. In 1982, The Sculptures series was introduced but with a markedly few produced again raising their numerical quantity.


Any damage reduces the expediency much. Look for wreckage on any of the projected areas (hands, weaponry etc) or the easily offended flowers.


Lladrós are sealed beside one of 3 finishes: a great gloss, flat finish and "gres" last part.


The value of Lladró workmanship is evident in the fact that Lladró creations are enclosed in the permanent collections of the Brussels Royal Museum of Art and History, The Hermitage Museum in Saint Petersburg, Russia and the Modern Art Museum in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic.

Lladró Today

From the baby work in a pastoral village, the people has swollen to over and done with 2,000 people in a job for the company nowadays. Fine porcelains by Lladró are sold-out in done 100 countries in much than 4,000 retail locations. Retired Lladrós can be saved on eBay and at antique shops.



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