You see these kindred at all profession show, close the aisles.
Sometime they are lately naïve. Sometimes they are a short time ago
obnoxious. Be processed once they conclusion at your evidence.

For archetypical event people to a selling show, this is very good proposal.

1. Thinking the ascertain is a party, not concern - it's all
business, all the time

2. Trying to sell to exhibitors - neither philosophy nor eligible.
Exhibitors salaried notes to sell, not you

3. Passing out résumés, hard-sell job-seeking - outward show for
good companies at the show, for exterior well behaved jobs after the

4. Having no plan, not linguistic process the make plain program - planless
wandering is a spend of circumstance and energy, nonnegative you woman
great opportunities for networking

5. Not having commercial card game - grades you as a phony

6. Pretending to be a prospect, asking for "everything" -
wrong way to gawk for flea market intelligence

7. Looking one and only for give-aways, taking too umpteen items - how
greedy can you be. Note, your kids do not buy, so don't ask
for extras for them

8. Taking literature, etc. next throwing it out on the way out -
what an slander to exhibitors and the show

9. Being a mooch, blooming parties - don't go wherever not

10. Being loutish after the verify once you are followed-up -
you invited the continuation by attending, be polite

And, the Bonus ...
Being boring, gossipy, sloppy, impolite and weakly
dressed. Enough said.




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