You of all time been in a bad storm? I have. Believe me, it is eerie. I've ne'er liked them. I have traveled the global over, and never have I expected never, have I seen a atmospheric phenomenon close to this one, the one I'm active to update you about; it happened in January, no February in St. Paul, Minnesota; the coldest parkland subsequent to the North Pole, and mayhap Alaska, Canada, and lets add the South Pole, and peradventure Iceland. But for me it is just part of the pack of road. You know, pocket energy and be a resident of it, lift it as it is, you've heard that until that time I'm assured. Make the first-rate of it. If it snows, slink or sky. If it's hot, swim or lay in the sun. If you got mountains close to you go up them. If you got a storm, journey it out. That's my slogan. Live and let subsist.

Once in Maui, location was a blustery weather. I was on vacation, and once I got within they closed the undivided coral isle down. That's right, the whole damn plonk. I couldn't get a coke, or for that matter, gumball. I walked along the seaside though. I like the winds. I guess the greatest undertaking in Maui, was the monsoon. You can relay I didn't comfort for Maui all that much, or the hotel I was at. They're all acting look-alike hot shots. Go to Malta, or quite a few different island, they will victuals you greater I deem. I did get to see some whales; xxx feet from me. But Maui is not my cup of tea. I premonition you can't care all position. In a way it was alright, the much I chew over of it. But you'd have to pay my way to get me subsidise there. Of the five-days near in December, 3 ½ were days of winds and rainfall and, oh well, I'm happy I did not go within for the sun. I emotion the sun. But the population that suggestion they were going to get it, did not, it was a dearly-won "no sun ½ hebdomad."

But fund to Minnesota, stop of the ice cube, the ice donut, the ice parades, the snowball, and snowmen. I was in St. Paul. In an breadth named the Midway borough of municipality. I have a few friends in attendance. And a mound I previously owned was drudgery at, in that realm. And a downpour came. Like out of the blue. One infinitesimal it is a serious snappy day, and the subsequent minute, it is a hell on earth of a cold day. I have it in mind a showery polar cyclone day, a bad one. I saved myself dodging ice balls of hail. So arduous they were similar trifling bombs. And I essential have got hit, because once I awoke, near were bears all around; at rest bears. As I walked up the obstruct to University Avenue, they got even bigger, huge; fitting fabricated motionless. I was waiting for one to nudge as I walked by, but it didn't. I knew the tropical storm was bad, but not that bad. I regularly went up and downhill the streets, by Lexington and Dale Avenues. -I muse I counted twenty of those fury creatures, or so. I righteous can't get complete this: big hairy bears. I sought to rear on one, and snap. They certainly looked look-alike they were hibernating, all curled up. No cars forthcoming. No humans close the sidewalks. What was active on I asked myself; totally hidden.

I ready-made it to the stand I was staying, and noticed another hurricane was coming,

"OH, god!" I said, next to no subject matter intentional.

"Not another one." And yes it was different one. I went put money on to the Midway area, not definite why but I did, and in attendance was a great construction there, I essential have not detected it before, (before: meaning, I had lived in St. Paul, off and on for 50-years) and a man was line of work to all the those below,

"You have 16-minutes to get residence."

I said, "What!"

He said again, "16-minutes and I am together with."

I told myself as I was sounding up at him, I am wanting thing. In any case, I started walk-to final to my put relatively meteoric. I detected a boisterous clamour. Like a shell. Several law enforcement agency travel up to me asking where on earth I director the voice. I acicular to the tower. And frequent ethnic group were moving by me. They stopped,

"We stipulation to investigate," mortal said, and so I followed (I followed the causal agent).

When we got to the tower, we increasingly climbed the stairway. The tower was about vii floors I deliberation. A man was mendacious inanimate on the flooring in the battlement area. It seemed close to it was an flying field tower, but how could it be, it was in the intermediate of the metropolitan area. I guess you can spawn them to gawp approaching anything you deprivation I thought. Yet, it yet remained in my mind, it was a peculiar place to have it, so I told myself.

I gone the scene, and started walk-to support to my flat again. As I sat downhill on my bed, I detected I had a dispatch sitting by the receiver. I wide-eyed it, it read:

"Go to Panama City, Florida breakneck."

As usual, I recovered myself walking on the beach, of Florida, it was hot, and populace were running and screaming, and everything; hubbub to the max. What a municipal I told myself. I was in this town several twenty-years ago, and it was rather calm; but not present. The urban center was havoc.

As I sat fluff on a substantial batter looking at all the happenings, I just told myself, I have come through to the conclusion; I have no control, and went to yield a deluge.



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